The Jihad Industry: Where East and West DO Meet – 2

Part 2: Allons enfants du djihad



When a change of government in France interrupted the payment of 410 million euros in bribes to Saudi Defense Minister Sultan bin Abdulaziz, he got even by ordering Pakistan’s ISI to blow up the French team that had just finished assembling a sub in Karachi.

Our friend Jean-Charles Brisard isn’t done yet: In 2011, he testified to French cops about wiretaps made by Chirac’s guys of his rival Balladur’s minister of defense concerning the highly corrupt sale of warships and submarines to two jihadist powers, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Part of the bribes financed Balladur’s campaign but Chirac beat him anyway and opened an investigation into the shady arms deals, upon which bodies started piling up, notably when Chirac’s refusal to pay the agreed bakhsheesh got a French defense ministry team blown up by a VBIED in Karachi.

The affaire Karachi revealed the desperate lengths to which France would go to sell its expensive arms to those who could afford them, Saudi and India topping the list. Yet the enormous bribes paid – Sultan bin Abdulaziz and navy chief Fahd bin Abdullah al Saud got 10% – meant that those sales were made at a loss.

Jihad to the rescue

Sarkozy, who set up the bribes in the Karachi affair, fixed all that by hitching France to the post-9/11 neocon war wagon and taking full advantage of Obama’s “Arab Spring” that should more honestly have been called the Jihad Spring, when a handful of Arab internet kids in hoodies coached by Western government-hired nerds posed for the cameras while masses of Muslim Brotherhood zebiba-heads chanted for Sharia rule outside the frame. When the jihadis of Derna and Benghazi received arms from Egypt’s Morsi and got the signal from France, Britain, Qatar, and Saudi to start a jihad at home instead of blowing themselves up in Iraq as they had been doing in droves, Sarkozy jumped in with both feet.

Before I get to how France’s arms export problem got “fixed,” let’s look at what France did instead of paying huge bribes. What French and British special operations teams had to work with on the ground in Libya were a bunch of doped-up jihadis who had spent the past 5-6 years dreaming of blowing themselves up in Iraq to kill Shiites and crusaders, i.e. kuffar just like the NATO troops in Libya. Luckily for them, it was Qatar that did the heavy lifting:

“The principle source of support for the rebels came from ‘Q-SOC,’” the Qatari special forces, says this source, who would only be identified as a former U.S. intelligence contractor with direct knowledge of operations in Libya.

“They went west into the Nafusa mountains and provided minimal basic shooting and tactics training to individual rebel brigades. That’s why those rebels are generally in three-color desert uniforms,” the source tells Danger Room. “They also selected 100-plus western-region Libyans for small-unit leadership training, and flew them to Qatar and then back to Nafusa for the big push.”

That was just one aspect of the Qatari aid to the rebels. The Qataris, however improbably, were the first foreign military on the ground providing military training. “They have been more effective than any other nation,” a rebel military representative told the Washington Post in May. “They just haven’t boasted about it.”

Qatar provided air support, too. And while the Qataris couldn’t match the contributions of major NATO air forces, they made a massive commitment, relatively speaking.

Wired, 08.25.11

In other words, France not only helped the oil majors to regain control of Libya’s oil (or so they thought, before the country disintegrated) and the US to get rid of its biggest African headache, namely Gaddafi, who was blocking AFRICOM from getting a foothold on the continent, but it helped tiny, jihadist Qatar set sail in the big boy world of power-projection and regime-change.


Turkey’s dispatching of hundreds of Al Qaeda terrorists and Islamofascist Turkmen fighters into a Syrian Armenian town full of descendants of 1915 was ignored by Paris.

The Syrian jihad started 3 months later, in May 2011, with Turkey sending teams of terrorists into Idlib to massacre Syrian security personnel and to herd civilians over the border into “refugee camps” prepared in advance for them. France’s relations with Turkey at this time were almost non-existent. Sarkozy had declared Turkey unfit to join the EU and in December, the French parliament outlawed any discussion of the Armenian genocide, causing Turkey to break off relations.

However after bearing the brunt of Turkey’s ire, to the tune of billions in economic losses and the disruption of French military flights to Afghanistan, not a peep came from Paris when Turkish dictator Tayyip unleashed an army of Christian- and Armenian-hating terrorists into the Syrian Armenian village of Kessab in 2013, completely ethnically cleansing the place. The next year, while the Turkish-backed terrorists were still in Kessab, François Hollande paid Turkey the first French state visit in 22 years. In 2015, as Turkey turned into an openly Islamofascist dictatorship in league with ISIS and at war with its Kurdish population, France dropped all its objections to Turkey’s EU membership, allowing Turkey’s EU accession to be greatly accelerated with the opening of many new chapters. Needless to say, the method to this apparent madness from the Cartesian French is simply that Turkey is Qatar and Saudi’s main partner in the Syrian jihad.


French arms sales surpassed the wildest expectations in 2015, zooming past the projected 15 billion mark.

So what did all this servile French pandering to barbaric Gulf oil sheikhs with delusions of royalty amount to? Roughly 50 billion euros in arms sales alone, not counting oil deals and other civilian contracts, between 2010-2015. France went from losing its position as the world’s 4th arms exporter to Germany to becoming number 2 in 2015! With that came the punch-above-your-weight power multiplier of becoming a full-fledged accomplice of the US and its client Gulf sheikhs: Quite an accomplishment for Sarkozy and Hollande, who didn’t let their supposed political differences interfere with, to paraphrase Marx, the icy waters of corporate calculation. Political fortunes apparently shifted dramatically from right to left (and now soon to the extreme right) but the corporate fortunes of Thales, Safran, DCNS, Dassault, and Total continued to go from strength to strength. The unsaleable Rafale fighter that languished in hangars for over a decade suddenly became the hottest item on the market.

#Je suis chickens coming home to roost

comptoir_voltaire_660x281On Friday the 13th last, Gay Paree became Sad Paree with the shock of seeing the La haine generation of France’s marginalized car-torching Muslim suburb kids going from shooting the odd Jew or obscure satire rag cartoonist to mass-murdering anybody having a good time. The spin doctors tried to turn it into a version of the usual lone nut story: Crazy death cult sprung out of nowhere and not connected to anything we’ve done hates us ’cause we’re free. Hollande’s guys gave it another spin, saying the death cult was Assad’s fault. 90% of white Christian French people agreed with Le Pen that Islam was the death cult.


French arms sales platform

Me, I call it the cost of doing business. If you get blown up or beheaded in France, just write it up to corporate expenses. You know why arms sales in 2015 jumped way beyond the projections? The Bataclan, that’s why. When Hollande, in retaliation for the Paris massacre, loaded up the Charles de Gaulle with Rafales and went to war against ISIS, all the ditherers intimidated by the hefty price tag of the plane were suddenly sold.

Hollande knew that his jihad wouldn’t have come back to bite him like this if he had been able to convince Obama to use those Rafales against Assad in 2013, when his Saudi friends went to all that trouble to stage a false-flag sarin attack to give Obama his “red line” excuse to bomb Assad into oblivion.


What happens when a smoking-gun video turns up showing a Saudi-backed terrorist gang in gas masks shooting rockets the night of the Ghouta Sarin attack? No sweat, you just get the “expert” Edward Higgins to snort disdainfully and say “it’s obviously staged.”

Obama’s commitment issues kept him from embracing that particular tar baby, which then left Hollande no option but to tell his security services to turn a blind eye as dozens of jihadist imams recruited hundreds of Muslim banlieue kids for the Syria jihad. It’s the only way he could keep his Gulf sheikhs in a spending mood. Inevitably, a few of those home-grown throat-slitters would take a swing at the kuffars back home.


The serial scooter shooter Mohamed Merah

If all that sounds too far-fetched for you, let’s get down to brass tacks. Exhibit 1: Mohamed Merah, the Toulouse-Montauban serial shooter who killed 7 people including 3 Jewish schoolkids over 11 days in 2012. Sarkozy’s government said Merah was a lone wolf, not connected to any jihadist network, and that he was self-radicalized, never went to a mosque or talked to an imam, so he remained off the radar – all barefaced lies. He had been under surveillance since 2009 after he went to Taliban camps in Afghanistan and Waziristan. His older brother Abdelkader was caught recruiting jihadis for Iraq in 2007.


Sabri Essid the notorious jihadist of Toulouse also managed to give the flics the slip and went to chop heads in Syria.

They traveled together to Egypt in 2010 to brush up on their salafism, their excursion being booked by their brother-in-law Sabri Essid, who lives in the notorious salafist village Artigat near Toulouse and was sentenced to 5 years in 2007 for sending jihadis to Iraq, which didn’t prevent him and his son from popping up in an ISIS execution video in Syria 8 years later. The source of the above info isn’t some blog or webzine but the Figaro, the right-wing French newspaper close to Sarkozy and even closer to French intelligence.

It gets better. 3 weeks before his shooting spree, Merah and the convicted terrorist Essid who obviously managed to beat the rap, went to Brussels to visit Abdelkader Farssaoui of the notorious jihadist network Sharia4Belgium.


Abdelkader Farssaoui, if that’s his real name, in front of ISIS-style posters of “heretical” Muslim statesmen who must be killed.

Farssaoui a.k.a. Abu Jaber is none other than the famous police informant “Cartagena” of the 2004 Madrid train bombings who told the cops everything but somehow the bombs went off anyway, just like the 1993 WTC bomb did despite all the snitches among the bombers. During a Syria jihad recruitment trial in Brussels in December, it emerged that Farssaoui was still officially a police snitch, though he was also the one sending 15-16-year-old kids to join ISIS, an aberration that even the judge found difficult to understand. However the prosecutor objected vehemently to bringing him to court so much as to testify, so someone else was framed and jailed in his place. It was this international snitch to whom Merah and his terrorist brother-in-law confided their plans to off the kuffar but the French flics were apparently none the wiser.

The Merah affair is a microcosm of French jihadism: All the jihadis and the cops know each other, the jihadis travel extensively to the GCC’s foreign jihads, and periodically kill people at home without any real attempt on the part of the police to stop them. Domestic terrorism is just as big business as foreign arms sales, so rest assured it isn’t going away anytime soon. It has the added advantage in these economically troubled and uncertain times when unemployment and poverty breed unrest and rebellion, to provide the excuse for governments everywhere to set up police states in order to nip dissent in the bud.

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